Gastri-Max 2.5kg

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Maintaining gastric health is a vital to ensure your horse can perform at their best, and cope with the day to day stress of training and competition. Feeding Gastri-Max will help support optimum digestion and maintain normal acid levels, allowing your horse to deliver their best results, everyday.





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Digestive disturbances are a common problem facing competition horses, and the impact this has on the performance can be significant. Acid levels within the stomach may increase when horses are fed diets to deliver the energy levels required for performance, supplementing the diet with a highly porous natural buffer, rich in bioavailable minerals, helps to manage excess acid. Maintaining the optimum balance of microflora in the digestive system also helps ensure the nutrients provided in the diet are fully absorbed, allowing the horse to perform at their best. Prebiotics further ensure these vital microflora have the optimum environment for proliferation.

Product Composition



Seaweed Buffer

Saccharomyces Cerevisae






Directions for Use

Feed 75g (1 Scoop) per Horse per day (divide this between the number of feeds given, i.e. ½ scoop/ feed where two feeds are fed)


Calcified Seaweed, Yeast and parts thereof, Alfalfa, Peppermint


2 reviews for Gastri-Max 2.5kg

  1. Kirsty

    I really rate this product, it is a digestion supplement that really works and is also affordable. My horses love this as it’s super palatable and easy to mix into their feed. The horses seem so much more settled in their work since being on Gastri-Max. In my opinion it is a must have in the feed room.

  2. Anne Marie Bork Eppers

    After having tried almost every product out there for gut health, I finally tried Gastri-Max for a fussy ex-racehorse. He would frequently go off his feed and was also treated for ulcers, however he’s now looking and feeling great again! He whinnies to get his feeds and licks the bowl every time. This product is by far the best gut product I’ve tried and I now have a happy, healthy horse again.

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